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AC/DC Adaptors, Power Supplies
Power Transformers
Inverters, Isolation Transformers, Variacs
110/220V Transformers & Converter Plugs
Cordless Telephone & Lithium Batteries
Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, Sub-C, Specialty Batteries
Lead Acid Batteries and Floating Chargers
Security Cameras, CCTV
Audio/Video Cables & Wires
DC Plugs & Cables
Electronic Tools and Meters
Custom Applications
Security Cameras, CCTV, Door Chimes
PHC Enterprise carries a complete line of Closed Circuit and Security Camera Equipment. For additional information regarding our line of security, please contact PHC Enterprise. Our sales associates will gladly provide you with additional information.
CCTV Monitor System

Closed Circuit Monitors and Complete Security Camera Kits

Model Shown: MTR-7TFT

CCTV Camera

A Wide Variety of Security Cameras
?Mini Cameras
?Standard Cameras

Model Shown: CAM-7

CCTV plugs

Complete line of Plugs, Wires, and Adaptors

Model Shown: BNC-6

Wirelless Mini Camera

Mini Wireless Color Camera and Receiver System

Model Shown: CAM-2W

Click Here for Product List of Covert Cameras & Door Chimes

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