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AC/DC Adaptors, Power Supplies
Power Transformers
Inverters, Isolation Transformers, Variacs
110/220V Transformers & Converter Plugs
Cordless Telephone & Lithium Batteries
Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, Sub-C, Specialty Batteries
Lead Acid Batteries and Floating Chargers
Security Cameras, CCTV
Audio/Video Cables & Wires
DC Plugs & Cables
Electronic Tools and Meters
Custom Applications
AC/DC Adaptors, Regulated DC Power Supplies, Switching Power Supplies
Find a Power Adaptor for Every Machine in your Home or Office
or a DC Power Supply for your Specific Application
AC/DC Power Supply Dual Adjustable DC Power Supply AC/DC Adaptors

DC/DC Power Supplies
Available in both linear
and switching types.
Model Shown: TR-12A19

DC Power Supplies
Model Shown: APS-305D
AC/DC Adaptors
Model Shown: PV-1240AR
For AC/DC Adaptors or DC Power Supply information, click here.
Power Transformers
Center Tab Power Transformers

Center Tab Power Transformers
Featuring a wide selection of transformers for:
- Heavy Duty Applications
- Small Power Supplies
- Electronic Kits
Model Shown: PX-24C1

For Power Transformer information, click here.
Inverters, Isolation Transformers
Isolation Transformer Variacs

1000W Regulator

 Isolation Transformers
Model Shown: ISO-1000
Model Shown: SC-10M
Model Shown: VR-1000 (1000W)
For Inverter or Isolation Transformer information, click here.
110/220V Transformers and Converter Plugs
110/220V Transformers Converter Plugs Travel Converters
Model Shown: TC-2000E (2000W) Model Shown: AC-3AG Model Shown: TC-100d3 (100W)
Products include: 110/220V Transformers - Euro 110/220V Converters
                                  Japan 117/100V Converters - Converter Travel Kits
For 110/220V Transformer or Converter Plug  information, click here.
Cordless Phone & Lithium Batteries
Cordless Phone Batteries

Batteries for:
- All Cordless Phone Makes and Models
- Radio Controller Batteries
- Mini PC Boards Batteries
- Camera Batteries

For Cordless Phone & Lithium Battery information, click here.
Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, Sub-C and Specialty Batteries
Ni-Cad & Ni-Mh Batteries

- Batteries for a wide variety of applications
- All Sizes Available
- Battery Chargers

Models Shown:
D-9000 Ni MH

For Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, Sub-C or Specialty information, click here.
Lead Acid Batteries, Floating Chargers and Power Packs
Lead Acid Batteries Floating Charger Floating Charger
Model: LA1278 Model: FC-612C Model: FC-12250
For Lead Acid Battery & Floating Charger information, click here.
Security Cameras, CCTV
Closed Circuit Television

CCTV and Security Cameras
- Video Cameras
- Monitors
- Full Range of Plugs, Cords and Accessories

Model Shown: CAM-7

For CCTV and Security Camera information, click here.
Audio/Video Cables & Wires
Video cables Power Cords  Audio & Video Cables
- Component Cables
- Speaker Wire
- Computer Power Cords
- Quality TV Cables: Coaxial & Digital Fiber Optical
For Audio/Video Cables and Wires information, click here.
DC Plugs & Cords
DC Plugs and Cords Offering a wide variety of plugs and cords
for every application.
For DC Plug and Cable information, click here.
Fuses: AGC, GMA & MDL
Electronic Fuses

PHC stocks a complete inventory of fuses
to match your specific application specifications.

For Electronic Fuse information, click here.
Testing Meters and Soldering Irons - Meters
- Test Equipment
- Solder and Soldering Equipment
- Antennas
For Electronic Tools and Accessories information, click here.
Custom Applications or Hard-To-Find Special Orders
Electronic Products PHC specializes in finding solutions to your electronic
design and application needs. In addition, we can locate
those hard-to-find products. For more information, please
310-530-6844, or email us at

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